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Data Recovery

Data recovery involves the successful retrieval of lost files. Files and data can be lost for a number of reasons, either due to power failure, a hard drive crash, or simply deleting the file yourself inadvertently. Luckily a deleted file is not necessarily lost forever, and there are a number of methods that we at Computer Function can go through when it comes to searching your computer for lost data.


I have not been to Computer Function for some time. Today I lost all my data on a hard drive ( Or so I thought) Computer Function saved my life again. If you ever have computer Problems – these guys are Trustworthy, Knowledgeable, Honest and well priced. I thoroughly recommend these people and suggest you put them in to your contacts list for ‘If I need trustworthy no fuss excellent IT people – these are them” !

– Stephen Harris

Our Data Recovery Process

  • Check the Operating System to see if data can be recovered
  • Perform hardware repairs (if possible) on the hard drive
  • Run specialised data recovery software to recover data
  • Work with our manufacturers and product specialists to give a recovery the best chance of success