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Get ready for group training!

The time has come for Computer Function to expand our training services beyond offering one-on-one training, to now include small group training sessions also. Not to worry my loyal customers, Computer Function will still be providing personalised one-on-one training. Why the change? Over the past 10 years, I Adam Fredericks, have seen the IT (Information Technology) world rapidly change around me. These days, the most […]

Things to remember when you lose data

Imagine living in a world where all your most important possessions are in one place. Now imagine that you suddenly lost access to it. That’s what it’s like when your computer or hard drive fails. Lucky for you there is something you can do about it — data recovery. Sometimes, no matter how long you look for it, some documents, files or photos seem as […]

The importance of the operating system

In today’s technological world there are three main operating systems upon which the vast majority of consumer computers run and which may be found on the shelves of a Brisbane computer shop. The first and dominant of these is Microsoft’s Windows series, which has been in production for over two decades. For years it was the only operating system widely available for PCs, although that […]