Build your own computer with our technicians - 5 years to Adult

Configure your Build your own computer with our technicians - 5 years to Adult

Free Data Transfer

Would you like our free transfer of "Documents and Settings" folder, up to 100GB.

Workshops & One On One Computer Help

Ever wanted help to figure out all those annoying computer problems?

CARE Maintenance Program & Backup Service

This maintenance programme increases the life and reliability of your computer. Every six months for three years, we’ll contact you so you can bring it in when it suits. We begin work on it immediately, thoroughly cleaning all parts with precision solvent solution, and running full scans on your system to ensure stability and reliability. CARE also allows our technicians to catch a warranty problem before it becomes a problem, saving you time and potential loss of your priceless data. CARE also saves you money as you save over $1,000 each year for 3 years!

Onsite Service

Would you like us to come set your computer up for you? *Only available within the greater Brisbane area* ($99ph + $99 Call-Out Fee)

Extended Warranty

Upgrade your standard warranty for peace of mind


Your motherboard connects all the components in your computer together. Faster the mother board the more you will get out of your CPU, graphics card and memory.


We recommend using a higher wattage power supply if you have chosen multiple hard drives and/or a high end graphics card.


Do you want to play the latest video games? How about watch your movies and pictures in beautiful High Definition resolution? With our wide array of dedicated Video Cards, you can do just that!

Memory -DIMM

Choose more memory to improve the speed of your system when multitasking.


Turbocharge your system with a high end processor that will make your system fly.

CPU & Water Cooling

Hard Drive - Bay 1

The new world of SSD (solid state hard drive) is here. Choosing an SSD is the best way per dollar to improve system performance.

Hard Drive - Bay 2

Chose a second hard drive to increase your storage capacity.

Hard Drive - Bay 3

Chose a third hard drive to increase your storage capacity.

Hard Drive - Bay 4

Chose a fourth hard drive to increase your storage capacity.

1st Optical Drive

Upgrade to Blu-ray to watch the latest High Definition movies.

2nd Optical Drive

Add a second optical drive so you can seamlessly copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray disks.


Not all sound cards were created equal. Please consider what speakers/amplifier you will be using when making your selection.

Wireless Network

If you don’t want network cables running down the hallway of you house or business, than a wireless network is a convenient option.


Now you can have a case that will turn your new computer into a media centre or gaming beast.


Watch TV or make your new computer accept serial and parallel devices.

Operating System

We strongly recommend Windows Professional for Business use, as Windows Home/Standard has major security and networking limitations.


With the new Microsoft Office you have the flexibility and power to deliver your best work either at the office, at home, or at school.


A good antivirus programme can help keep you safe from hackers and scammers that will stop at nothing to steal your identity and then take your money.

Primary Display

We only use LCD & LED monitors with the highest A grade panels. They also come with a 3yr warranty.

Secondary Display

Double the amount of space you have to work and play, by adding a second display.

Keyboard & Mouse

We recommend getting a new keyboard and mouse when you purchase your new computer as many older ones are no longer compatible.


We have 2.0 speakers for home or business use. 2.1 speakers for the music lover. And 5.1 for HD movies and/or gaming.

Power Protection

We strongly recommend power protection as surge damage is very common and not covered by warranty.


Ensure your data is backed up to prevent loss from virus, surge, hardware failure and theft, just to name a few.

$999.00 inc. GST *
$11.05 per week
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No Free Data Transfer
No Workshops
No C.A.R.E Program
No Onsite Service
Business Grade Motherboard
500W True Power
Intel HD graphics.
Intel Core i3 6100
3.7GHz 3MB 2 cores/4 threads
Stock CPU Fan
1TB hard drive (WD or Seagate)
No Hard Drive
No Hard Drive
No Hard Drive
24x dual layer burner
No Secondary Optical Drive
Integrated 5.1 HD Sound
No Wireless Card
Standard Desktop Case
No Add-In Card
Windows 10 Home 64bit
No Office
No Antivirus
No Primary Display
No Secondary Display
No Keyboard and Mouse
No Speakers
No Power Protection
No Backup Solution
3 year warranty
Secure SSL Certificate